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Transition to Fall Hair T3

How to transition to fall hair

Fall brings cooler, drier air, wreaking havoc on your summer…

Need to know: Smart Microchip T3

Need to Know: Smart Microhip

Did you know? The Smart Microchip inside T3 hot tools…

Soft Brushed Out Waves T3

How to: Soft Brushed Out Waves

Soft waves are the name of this game, Brand Ambassador…

Second Day Curls noelledowning T3

#T3Inspo: Second Day Curls

Refresh yesterday’s curls with these 5 styles – no need…

T3 Digital IonAir

Need to Know: Digital IonAir

Want to know our secret to a fast, healthy blowout?…

Secret to long-lasting curls T3

T3 Pros: Secret to long-lasting curls

From the office to happy hour, make sure your style…