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big curls hair tutorial t3

Big curls hair tutorial

Roll up to any event or outing with mega volume….

dirty hair tips t3

T3 Pros: dirty hair tips & tricks

Sometimes dry shampoo alone just doesn’t cut it. Here are…

summer updo t3

#T3Inspo: cool hairstyles for hot weather

To keep tresses off your neck on balmy summer days,…

humidity and hair tips

T3 Pros: humidity-fighting hair tips

Hot, sticky and muggy weather is not always friendly to…

easy up-do t3

Easy up-do hair tutorial

Skip the salon and opt for a DIY. This easy…

Hairstyles for every bridal occasion t3

#T3Inspo: bridal occasion hairstyles

Take on your shower, ceremony¬†and honeymoon seamlessly with these five…