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Gift Ideas for Mom T3

Gift Ideas for Mom

What do we get the women who gave us everything?…

Different Types of Curls T3

7 Barrels, 7 Different Types of Curls

The Convertible Collection can create many different types of curls….

Need to know T3 Convertible Collection

Need to Know: T3 Convertible Collection

Wand or clip, the T3 Convertible Collection is as adaptable…

Why is the blowdryer concentrator important T3

Why is the Concentrator Important?

There’s a reason we include two concentrator nozzles with each…

Winter Hair Revival Tips T3

Winter Hair Revival Tips

Take a moment to care for your hair with winter…

Styling Finishing Touches Silvia Reis T3

Styling Finishing Touches

Brand Ambassador and stylist Silvia Reis knows a thing (or…