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Bardot ponytail tutorial

This fall, we’re thinking French. Our Bardot ponytail tutorial will take you back to the glamour and allure of 1950’s Paris.

bardot ponytail tutorial t3

Step 1: Curl

Create bouncy, beautiful curls throughout the hair using the Voluminous Curls barrel

Step 2: Create Ponytail

Once the hair is completely curled, lightly brush out the curls with a comb. Then, pull all the hair up into a very high ponytail. Secure the pony with a thick elastic band. 

bardot ponytail tutorial t3

bardot ponytail tutorial t3

Step 3: Comb

Gently tug at the hair at the crown of the head. This will create a slight pompadour and add volume to the front of the hairstyle.

Final Look

Finish with a sophisticated up-do appropriate for even the most elegant Parisian soirée. C’est bon!

bardot ponytail tutorial t3