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Big curls hair tutorial

Roll up to any event or outing with mega volume. This big curls tutorial is your ticket to Hollywood hair in three simple steps.

big curls hair tutorial t3

Step 1: Roll

Roll up all of your hair into the Volumizing Hor Rollers LUXE. Use the larger rollers on the front, face-framing sections of hair and the smaller rollers on the back sections of hair. 

Step 2: Cool & Unroll 

Let the rollers set in the hair until they have completely cooled. Gently twist each of the rollers out of the hair.  

big curls hair tutorial t3

Big curls hair tutorial t3

Step 3: Comb

Lightly comb through the curls with your fingers to break them up while still allowing them to maintain their shape.

Final Look

Beautifully big and voluminous curls are at your finger tips with the help of the Voluminous Hot Rollers LUXE.  

big curls hair tutorial t3