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Blowout for short hair

Why should long-locked girls have all the fun? Get a sophisticated blowout for short hair in four simple steps.

short hair blowout t3

Step 1: Rough Dry

To get the perfect blowout for short hair, start by rough drying your hair until it’s about 80% dry with the Cura LUXE dryer. Be sure to use the wider Drying Concentrator and turn the Volume Booster Switch for a little added lift. 

Step 2: Part & Clip

Using alligator clips, pin up the sides and top of your hair leaving out the bottom layer.

Short hair blowout t3

Step 3: Smooth Dry

Switch to the styling concentrator on the Cura LUXE dryer and turn the Volume Booster Switch off to add a smooth finish to your blowout. For the bottom and side layers of your hair, work in 2″ sections. Wrap each section around the Volume 2.5 round brush and comb downward with the dryer concentrator following the brush. At the end of each strand, twist the brush under to form slight bends.

Step 4: Add Volume

Unclip the top section of your hair. Wrap the entire section around your round brush, and roll the brush all the way up to the crown of your forehead. Apply heat to the brush with your Cura LUXE dryer. Then, set the style by pressing the Cool Shot button and directing the cold air at the brush. Once the section has cooled, unwind the hair from the brush. 

Short hair blowout t3

short hair blowout t3

Final Look

Finish with a light holding spray for the perfect blowout before you go out!