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Celtic knot hair tutorial

Don’t get tied down by boring hairstyles. Take your locks for a loop with this Celtic knot hair tutorial.

celtic knot hair tutorial t3

Step 1: Dry

To start this Celtic knot hair tutorial, smooth dry your hair using the Cura LUXE and Paddle Brush until it’s 100% dry. 

Step 2: Straighten

Straighten 1″ sections of hair from root to end using the SinglePass LUXE

celtic knot hair tutorial t3

celtic knot hair tutorial

Step 3: Section & Loop

Grab two face-framing sections of hair on each side of your part. Take the left section and create a loop by bringing the tail up and over the mid-section of the strand. 

Step 4: Weave

Pull the left loop taut. The right strand then goes underneath the loop and over the tail of the looped strand.

celtic knot hair tutorial t3

Celtic Knot hair tutorial t3

Step 5: Weave

Then pull the tail of the right strand underneath the mid-section of the looped strand. 

Step 6: Knot & Pull

The right tail then goes through the hole of the original loop. Once the knot has been created, gently pull both tails tight to hold it together. 

celtic knot hair tutorial

celtic knot hair tutorial t3

Step 7: Wave

Secure the knot in place using bobby pins until it feels locked in. 

Final Look

This twist on a half-up, half-down ‘do is sure to weave its way onto your list of favorites. 

celtic knot hair tutorial t3