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Date night hair tutorial

Whether it’s the first, tenth or thirtieth time out together, this date night hair tutorial will ensure you’re tressed to impress.

date night hair tutorial t3

Step 1: Rough Dry & Pin

After rough drying your hair using Cura until it’s about 80% dry, section of the top half and pin it up with an alligator clip.

Step 2: Smooth Dry

Wrap a 1-2″ section of hair around a Volume 2.5 round brush. Then slowly move the brush downward while using the styling concentrator on your Cura to dry the strand to 100%. Repeat this step throughout the rest of your hair.

date night hair tutorial

date night hair tutorial t3

Step 3: Create Volume

To create extra volume up top, wrap a 2-3″ section of hair near your crown completely around your brush. Twist your styling concentrator so it’s now horizontal and apply heat to the hair on the brush. Then, add a blast of cold air from the cool shot to set the style. Once the hair has cooled, unwrap it from the brush. 

Step 4: Twist & Pin

Pull the volumized section of hair back. Then, add two-three twists and secure it in place with bobby pins. The twist will allow for more hold and will give the top some extra volume.   

date night hair tutorial t3

date night hair tutorial

Final Look

Spritz your favorite holding spray, and you’re ready for a romantic night out – just add flowers and champagne!