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Half updo on short hair tutorial

50% up, 50% down – this half updo for short hair is a style we 100% love.

hairstyles for short hair t3

Step 1: Wave

To get the perfect half updo on short hair, add tousled waves throughout your hair using the SinglePass Wave by taking 1″ sections of hair and wrapping them around the wand away from your face. Repeat throughout your whole head.

Step 2: Separate Waves

Break up the waves by lightly combing and twisting through them with your fingers.

hairstyles for short hair t3

hairstyles for short hair t3

Step 3: Tease

Take a 3″ section of hair at the back of your head and lightly tease it with a comb.

Step 4: Add Volume

Pull back the front sections of hair on both sides of your part and combine them with the teased strand in the back. Be sure to leave out a few waves that frame your face. Twist the larger combined strand to the right, tucking as you twist. Once the twist feels secure, pin into place with bobby pins.

hairstyles for short hair t3

hairstyles for short hair T3

Final Look

There you have it – you’ve twisted your way into an easy and elegant half updo!