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T3 Pros: healthy hair from wet to dry

Keep your hair feeling fresh from shower time to showtime! T3Pro Brian Fisher gives his best tips on styling healthy hair from wet to dry.

Healthy hair from wet to dry t3


Wash & Rinse

Healthy hair starts in the shower, and I always recommend T3’s Source shower heads. Their filters really help to reduce chlorine in the water and filter out minerals such as calcium and copper, which can cause dry hair and color fade. I then recommend selecting a sulfate-free shampoo that’s best suited for your hair type. When shampooing, focus on the roots and shampoo twice if you have lots of product build up. Then condition well from the roots of your hair to the ends and rinse after a couple minutes.


Towel Dry & Brush

Always avoid rubbing at the hair when towel drying. I think it’s best to use a towel wrap and let it absorb water while you’re applying skincare or makeup. Once you’ve removed the towel, spray your hair with a detangler and softly brush out your locks with a Smooth Paddle Brush. After brushing, lightly squeeze out additional moisture with your towel. 


Blow Dry

Start by sectioning your hair horizontally and pinning up the top section. Depending on how much hair you have, you’ll blow dry your hair in 2-3 sections. Then start with drying the hair at the nape of your neck using a Smooth Paddle Brush and the Cura LUXE. Be sure the concentrator is pointing down the shaft of the hair to prevent frizz. Continue drying each section with the Smooth Paddle Brush, combing the hair in different directions to give it movement. Try to really focus on the roots to remove any additional water hidden in there! Remaining moisture can cause your hair to frizz later on. 



I’m loving “cool girl” waves right now, and my tool of choice to create them is the SinglePass LUXE. This flat iron doesn’t snag hair or cause creases, and you only need to go over a strand once to achieve your desired look, saving your hair from excess heat. Starting with the same sectioning pattern you used for the blow dry, take a 2″ section of hair and create S-Waves with the flat iron. Basically, just rotate your wrist to swivel the iron up then down as you move down the strand. Repeat throughout the whole head.


Smooth & Texturize

Once all your waves have cooled, apply a couple drops of oil to the ends to smooth them. Then, flip your head over, add a few spritzes of dry texture stay and you’re ready to go! Healthy hair from start to finish.