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Old Hollywood waves tutorial

Nothing dresses up an ensemble quite like an elegant hairstyle. This old Hollywood waves tutorial is perfect for every and any special event on your calendar.

Glamorous waves hair tutorial blow dry hair

Step 1: Blow Out

Blow out your hair using the Featherweight LUXE 2i dryer and a 2.5″ AntiGravity brush

Step 2: Section

Make a side part, then create a 3″ triangle-shaped face-framing section on the side opposite the part. Leave that 3″ section down, and pin the rest of your hair back with an alligator clip. 

glamorous waves hair tutorial

Glamorous waves hair tutorial

Step 3: Curl

Starting at the end of the 3″ section, roll the entire section of hair around the Defined Curls Barrel all the way up to the root. Be sure to curl the hair towards the face and keep the strands overlapping each other on one part of the barrel. This technique will create a rounder curl rather than a spiral curl. Remove the hair from the iron, then pin the curl to let it cool.

Step 4: Curl & Pin

Take the rest of the hair down from the alligator clip. Start curling 2″ sections of hair the same way you curled the first – towards the face and confined to one section of the barrel. After you release the hair from the iron, pin the curl. 

glamorous waves hair tutorial how to curl hair

glamorous waves hair tutorial

Step 5: Spray & Set

Repeat step 4 until all of the hair has been pinned. Spray the hair with a flexible hairspray, then let the curls set. Once the hair has cooled completely, remove all pins.

Step 6: Brush

Lightly brush out the waves using a Paddle Brush.

glamorous waves hair tutorial

glamorous waves hair tutorial

Final Look

Pull all the hair over to one side of your shoulder to complete this alluring, sophisticated style.