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Relaxed waves tutorial

Have more time to unwind and enjoy the sunshine this summer with this easy, breezy relaxed waves tutorial.

relaxed waves tutorial t3

Step 1: Section & Curl

To get looser, more relaxed waves, it’s important to curl larger sections of hair. Depending on how much hair you have will determine how many sections you will curl, but each section should be about 2″ wide. Part each section vertically, then curl the strand with the SinglePass Curl. Hold the iron on the hair for only a couple of seconds, then unwind it back down and pull the strand taut before releasing. 

Step 2: Cool

Repeat step 1 until all the hair has been curled. Be sure to leave each strand in a twist until they have all fully cooled. 

relaxed waves tutorial t3

relaxed waves tutorial t3

Step 3: Comb

Lightly rake through all the twists with your fingers to break up the curls.

Final Look

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be waving “hello” to your newfound favorite hairdo! 

relaxed waves tutorial t3