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The right heat setting for your hair

Healthy hair is our first priority! The first step to healthy styling is knowing which is the right heat setting for your hair with a wand or curling iron.

The right heat setting for your hair

Consider us your hair guru and guide to picking the right heat setting for your hair. If you need a refresher before you crank the heat up to 5, we’ll help you find the right heat setting for your hair.

There are two main factors that go into selecting your temperature setting, your hair type and hair thickness. Hair type refers to the individual strand. Fine, medium, and coarse are all examples of hair type. Hair thickness incompasses all of the hair on your head and can be categorized into thin, medium, and thick. 

Setting 1 – 260ºF / 127ºC: The lowest heat setting is ideal for hair that is super fine and chemically treated. Fine and thin hair doesn’t require much heat to hold your style and can be further damaged by overheating.

Setting 2 – 300ºF / 149ºC: Use heat setting two if you have fine hair of medium thickness or thin hair with medium thickness.

Setting 3 – 350ºF / 177ºC: For medium hair gals, this is your sweet spot. The middle setting is ideal for hair of medium thickness and for hair that styles well.

Setting 4 – 390ºF / 199ºC: Setting 4 is perfect for coarse strands with a medium thickness. If you need a little extra heat to help create the style of your dreams with thicker hair, pick this setting.

Setting 5 – 410ºF / 210ºC: Thick and coarse hair, this is your heat setting! Higher heat helps smooth and style your hair exactly the way you want.

Once you’ve found the heat setting that suits your hair type, start styling! And remember, the hotter your hair is when you release it from an iron or wand, the faster it will lose its shape. For the longest lasting style, we recommend holding the curl in your hand with a heat protectant glove before releasing the curl or wave.