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Short hair holiday curls tutorial

To all our lob-loving T3 women, this short hair holiday curls tutorial is our gift to you this festive season.

holiday curls short hair t3

Step 1: Curl

Curl your hair in 1″ sections using the Twirl Convertible. Be sure to alternate the direction of each curl to add extra volume and body. 

Step 2: Part

Create a deep, ultra straight side part using a Carbon Comb. Use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide for where to start the part.

holiday curls short hair t3

short hair holiday hairstyle t3

Step 3: Slick

Spritz your comb with a strong-hold hairspray. Then slick the hair opposite the part back behind the ear. Continue to spritz and comb the hair back until it’s strongly held in place and looks extra sleek.

Step 4: Spray

Add hairspray throughout the rest of the style and use your hand to lift and hold the curls for a couple seconds. This will keep your hair va-va-voluminous all day (and night!) long. 

holiday curls short hair

short hair holiday curls t3

Final Look

A striking and voluminous style, perfect for our beautiful short-haired T3 Women.