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Twisted waves NYE hairstyle

It’s the final look of 2017, so make it a good one. This twisted waves NYE hairstyle is as easy as it is stunning. Just add champagne!

twisted half up-do t3

Step 1: Curl Away

Take a 1″ section of hair. Curl the top half of that strand away from your face with the Twirl Convertible. Once the top half of the strand is curled, release the hair from the iron.

Step 2: Curl Towards

Taking the same strand, curl the bottom half towards your face with the Twirl Convertible. This will create a unique pattern and effortless texture to your curl! Repeat this technique throughout the whole head.

twisted half up-do t3

Step 3: Twist & Pin

Starting at your part twist and roll the hair that frames the face back, continuously adding hair to the twist, until you’ve reached the back of your head. Secure the twist in place with bobby pins.

Step 4: Twist & Pin

Repeat the twisting technique on the other side of your part, and pin that twist in place with bobby pins. 

twisted half up-do t3

twisted waves half up-do t3

Step 5: Pull

To add more volume to the twist, gently tug and each side starting near the bobby pins and moving upward. Finish with a light hold hairspray.


Twist and shout your way into the New Year with an elegant ‘do suitable for any and every festivity. 

twisted waves half up-do t3