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10-minute short hairstyle tutorial

To all our lob-loving T3 women who are also pressed for time, this 10-minute short hairstyle tutorial is the one for you.

10-minute short hairstyle t3

Step 1: Straighten & Bend

Using the SinglePass X flat iron, straighten your hair from root to tip. Then, take only the top sections of hair and add in soft bends near the root. The best technique is to twist the iron 180º at the top of each strand then gently slide it down the hair. 

Step 2: Texturize

Apply your favorite texturizing powder or spray near the roots and use your fingers to massage it into the hair. 

10 minute hairstyle T3

10 minute short hairstyle t3

Final Look

Finish with effortlessly tousled waves that will get you out the door in less time than it takes you to pick out your daily outfit.