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2017 Mother’s Day gift guide

Introducing our 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, made for the best moms who deserve nothing but the best.

T3 Mother's Day Gift Guide


For Moms On The Move

  • If your mom barely has time for breakfast in the morning, the Featherweight LUXE 2i will quickly become her new best friend. Famous for cutting drying time nearly in half, the LUXE 2i will give mom the extra moments in her day she craves without her having to sacrifice her hairstyle. 


For Moms Who Multitask

  • We’re constantly in awe of the amount mothers can juggle in a single moment, and let’s face it, they always have their hands full. The Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE keep her hands free while her hair forms into voluminous waves and curls so she’s able to go about her morning routine with one less thing holding her back. Leaving the house with beautiful hair will be another check off her busy to-do list. 


For Moms Who Socialize

  • Things to do, people to see – all of which naturally prompt different attire and a unique hairstyle. The Whirl Trio interchangeable styling wand is a single tool that allows mom to change up her locks depending on each occasion. From loose to spiral waves and countless styles in between, the Trio is her secret weapon that will keep people asking, “How does she do it all?”


For Moms Who Jetset 

  • No matter where her travels take her, the Featherweight Compact dryer and SinglePass Compact iron will keep mom looking and feeling her best without taking up too much space in her carryon. They may look small, but their performance will simply blow her away.


For Moms Who Play Favorites

  • There’s always that one go-to restaurant, movie, store or book that most moms can never get enough of. The SinglePass LUXE might be the flat iron equivalent. This innovative styling tool allows mom to straighten, curl, wave or add volume to her hair in a single smooth pass. It’s sure to play a reoccurring role in her daily routine.