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3-day weekend hair tutorial

Vacation season is just around the corner! This simple and quick 3-day weekend hair tutorial will leave you plenty of time to relax in style.


3 day weekend hairstyles t3

Step 1: Curl

For day one of your long weekend, create beautiful loose waves using the Undone Waves barrel of the Whirl Trio. Be sure the iron is set on a lower heat setting so the curls are more effortless and not as tightly wound.

Step 2: Braid

Building on from day one’s soft waves, create an accent braid on one side of your part for day two.

3 day weekend hairstyles t3

3 day weekend hair t3

Step 3: Pull & Secure

Gently pull at the outside of the braid to add volume and texture before securing with a small elastic.

Step 4: Create Ponytail

By day three, it’s time to pull back those locks. Keeping the accent braid intact, pull back the hair into a mid-level ponytail that should sit in line with the top of your ears. Secure with an elastic band. 

3 day weekend hair t3

3 day weekend hairstyles t3

Step 5: Wrap

Take a 1/2″ section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band. Secure with one to two bobby pins. 

Final Look

Add a few sprays of dry shampoo to the ponytail before running off to enjoy your last day of vacation. 

3 day weekend hairstyles t3