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3 styles you can create with a flat iron

Make your flat iron multi-task too, see what styles you can create with just one tool. Wavy, curly, or straight locks await!

Flat Iron S Waves

S Wave It

The S wave is our first fave style of the 3 styles you can create with a flat iron.  Master this with the SinglePass LUXE for a fresh take on a modern wave, no curling tools required. It might take a few tries but you’ll get it in no time, follow our tutorial for instructions and get waving – these wear-anywhere waves are the best part of beachy hair without the sand! 

Curl It

Curls with a flat iron are easier than you think! Take 1″ sections of hair in the SinglePass LUXE and twist through hair for soft, natural curls in the hair, watch the video here. You’ll never had to choose between straight or curly locks again on vacation when packing space is tight – all you need is your flat iron!.

Flat Iron Curls T3

Straight Hair T3

Straighten It

Classics never go out of style, the same goes for sleek, silky strands. Refresh your technique with this video tutorial on how to get smooth strands. Walk the straight and narrow with your hair while you live in full color, you can do both!