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3 Ways to Use a Wand

Bend, wave, or add volume with these 3 ways to use a wand. We asked our T3 employees for their top tips.

3 Ways to Use a Wand T3 Micro
    1. “For the first of our 3 ways to use a wand, add volume to the root of your hair! Using the largest barrel from the Whirl Trio, lift a 1” section at the root of your hair and put the barrel underneath your hair. You can watch Laura Polko’s video on exactly how to do this trick, she’s a great teacher!” – Abby
    2. “I like to create the ultimate hair texture with the 1” Undone Waves barrel from the Convertible Collection. I take 2” wide horizontal sections, alternate pressing the iron on top and underneath the hair, creating a soft, textured wave. As you press the iron onto your hair, let it create a U shape around the iron.” – Lily
    3. “Instead of holding my iron with the tip downwards, I hold the iron horizontally. Wrapping the hair around the barrel with the iron in this position will add a twist at the root and throughout the wave. I find that waves like this add a little extra oomph throughout my entire wave!” – Sarah

Try out these 3 ways to use a wand to switch up your look and find a new style!