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#T3Inspo: 5 fast gym hairstyles

Whether you’re a gym regular or new to Yoga, we’ve picked 5 fast gym hairstyles that can take you from tree pose to lunch with your friends.

Fast Gym Hairstyles T3

Double up

For the first style, pull your hair back into two half French braids and get your sweat on like Kylee Campbell. Post Pilates, spritz your roots with dry shampoo then massage it into your scalp while drying off the sweat with the Cura LUXE. It’s easy to touch up and brush out your waves for a finished look that can take you right to happy hour!

Pony up

Double the print, double the fun. Follow Kiara Schwartz‘ lead and coordinate your hair accessories to match your favorite gym outfit. Our favorite part about scrunchies? They don’t leave that annoying hair tie dent in your Undone Waves pre-workout bends.

Photo by Kiara Schwartz

Fast Gym Hairstyles T3

Fast Gym Hairstyles T3

Sweat it out

For days where you want to conquer an important business pitch AND your favorite HIIT class, this fast gym hairstyle is your new best friend. Pulling each half of your hair back into Dutch braids while leaving the ends out keeps your hair out of your face and off your mind so you can remain focused. After you’ve left it all on the gym floor, re-polish your braids by flat ironing your ends with the SinglePass Compact – then you’re off to rule the world!

Photo by cabellobycarolina

Low key

A low bun is always one of our favorite fast gym hairstyles for any workout. Gather your tresses at the nape of your neck, create a twist, then wind it into a tight knot securing with an elastic band. Before you jet off to your complete your Saturday errands, tie a run ribbon around your twisted knot like Cassandra Cadwell – no one will know you just beat your plank personal record.

Fast Gym Hairstyles T3

Fast Gym Hairstyles T3

High and dry

Don’t let yesterday’s style go to waste. Recycle your second-day SinglePass Wave style by securing your hair in a high, bouncy pony like Cheralee Lyle. This polished pony easily transitions from the treadmill to your girls day out without anyone knowing you came straight from the gym!

Photo by Cheralee Lyle