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T3 Pros: 5 Hairstyle hacks

Our T3 Pros have some tips and tricks up their sleeves. These 5 hairstyle hacks will help you spice up your hair in half the time.

Hairstyling Hacks


David Lopez, T3 Lead Stylist

  • “To create a low ponytail that won’t crease your hair or ruin your hairstyle, start by taking a three inch section of hair from the middle bottom of your head. Split the section in half, and tie them together around the rest of your hair like a shoelace. Secure with two to three bobby pins for a simple and chic updo!”


Traci Garrett, Celebrity Stylist

  • “For a longer, fuller ponytail, try the double pony hair hack. Subsection hair into two ponytails: one from behind each ear to the crown of the head, and another directly below it. Then, use the Whirl Trio to add waves and texture to each ponytail. This will give the illusion that your hair is much longer and thicker than it actually is.” 


Tanya Deemer, Celebrity Stylist

  • “If you curls are ever too tight after styling, spritz sea salt spray throughout your hair. That will help relax the curls into a more natural, beach wave.”


Eloise Cheung, Editorial Stylist

  • “Bulk out your waves by back brushing each section and misting it with hairspray before styling with the Whirl Convertible or BodyWaver. Once it’s cooled, brush it out and you’ll have texture for days!”


Kathleen Ty, Celebrity & Editorial Stylist

  • “Don’t want to use a curling iron to revive your curls? Curl hair around your fingers then pin them up. Lightly blow dry the curls and wait for them to cool while you get dressed or apply your makeup. Remove the pins to release refreshed curls with lots of volume.”