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10 Achievable New Year’s resolutions

2017’s declarations don’t have to disappoint. Here are 10 achievable New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep.New Year's resolutions you can actually keep

Sleeping Beauty

  • Beauty sleep is real: nighttime is when your body repairs itself, with tangible benefits including glowing skin, healthy hair and brighter eyes. So hit the snooze button, knowing your Featherweight LUXE 2i with its fast drying times, will save you precious minutes in the morning.


Transcribed Thankfulness

  • Every day, write down one thing you’re grateful for. It could be a fashionable coat that shields you from the cold, a healthy family, or a turmeric latte – whatever it is, just make a note of it. By the end of the year, you’ll have a revealing list of things that bring you joy, reminding you that every day is meaningful in some way. 


Get a Hobby

  • Stretch yourself a little. That could be in a literal way – as in an Ashtanga yoga class. Or it could mean enrolling in a wine appreciation club, a pottery class or even mastering the DIY blowout. Hobbies are important creative outlets, and also a way to enliven your social life. 


Pay It Forward

  • Whether it’s holding the elevator door open, collecting groceries for an elderly neighbor, or secretly purchasing a stranger’s coffee at Starbucks, you never know how a small act of kindness could change someone’s day. 


Refresh & Re-friend 

  • Our over-scheduled lifestyles mean it’s often easy to lose touch with friends. Whether it’s via social media, email or snail mail, reach out to someone from your past. Chances are, they miss you too. 


Just Me, Myself and I

  • Enjoy an experience by yourself. Go solo to that movie you’re aching to see, or treat yourself to dinner at an acclaimed restaurant. You’ll be fully focused on the experience rather than your the person sitting across from you. Learn to enjoy yourself – all by yourself. 


A Feel-Good Moment

  • Pick a cause close to your heart, block off a few hours or an entire day, and help out. It’s a way to connect with your community, and boost your own sense of satisfaction. It’s cool to be kind. 


Clean Closet, Clean Slate

  • If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in over 12 months, donate it. Having a streamlined closet is a freeing accomplishment, and while you may not care to wear something, another person just might. Because nothing compliments a great outfit like perfect hair, think about adding old hair tools to your donation.  Not only will you help someone look and feel beautiful, it’s a great excuse to buy new tools!


Have a Great Trip

  • It could be as simple as a day spent an hour away from your home, or as extravagant as a week in a far-flung country. Changing up your setting is exciting , energizing and always makes returning home feel that much more special. 


Validated Value

  • Look in the mirror each morning, and take a moment to recognize your inner beauty, strength and resilience. We all have a purpose and it’s important to remind ourselves that we have what it takes to excel every single day.