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Adorned holiday waves tutorial

Perfectly festive locks in 3 simple steps? This adorned holiday waves tutorial shows you how.

adorned holiday waves t3

Step 1: Create Waves

To start this festive adorned holiday waves tutorial, part your hair on the side of your choice and create beautifully festive waves using the Cascading Waves Barrel. Curl all waves in the same direction so they flow together nicely. 

Step 2: Rake

Once the waves have cooled, lightly rake through your hair with your fingers to break them up. 

adorned holiday waves t3

adorned holiday waves t3

Step 3: Adorn

Pull all your hair over to one side, tucking the side opposite the part behind your ears. To creatively hold the hair behind your ears in place, arrange 4-5 decorative bobby pins or barrettes in a fan-like shape keeping the bases close together and the tips spread apart.

Final Look

Lightly spritz a holding spray throughout the hairstyle, and you’re ready to shine at any holiday soirée.

adorned holiday waves t3