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#T3Inspo: back-to-school hairstyles

Take the kids to school in style! Learn how to achieve five flawless back-to-school hairstyles.

Twist and go

Twist + Go

The kids are back in school – let’s be honest we are doing a jig! We love this twist on a traditional pony (yep we went there).  Use the SinglePass LUXE and quickly slide this one-pass iron down your strands to reduce frizz, then divide hair in two sections, twist each section in the opposite direction before adding them together.  And there you have it – you’re now “that” put together mom.

Source: Byrdie

Multi-Tasking Marvel

We’re not just talking about being a mom AKA multi-tasking wonder woman. A busy woman like you should get to know the Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE. Velvet lined, temperature adjusted to your hair type, and you can do your makeup or pack lunches while they do the styling work. Learn how to create curls like these in a flash here

Roll Call

Art Class

Artistic Rendition

Needed that long shower but now you’re short on time? Put your hair in a ponytail, wrap it wet, and creatively tuck it into a knot. Finish this 5 second Michelangelo by sculpting your wet hair with gel for a look that will hold up to the toughest critic. 

Source: Refinery29

Master of Waves

Can’t face Monday quite yet? Go ahead and hit that snooze button one more time. This back-to-school hair style will save you time. Use the Loose Waves barrel to bring life back to your Sunday do.  Quickly style your top layer of hair, then twist front pieces to the back, cross over and bobby pin in place. Say yes to 5 more minutes of rest.

Source: Style Caster

Master of Waves

Straight-A Sleek

Straight-A Sleek

This is not your average ponytail. Get this smooth-sleek style using the SinglePass LUXE. Section off the back majority of your hair leaving both front sections free then wrap the front sides around the ponytail. You’ll get high scores with this polished low look. 

Source: The Goddess