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Banana bun tutorial

An elongated take on the classic chignon, the banana bun is taking the beauty world by storm. Learn how to achieve it in 6 easy steps.

banana bun tutorial t3

Step 1: Wave

Add effortless waves to your hair with the Cascading Waves barrel. Twist each strand of hair first, then wrap it around the barrel. 

Step 2: Create Ponytail

Divide your hair into three sections vertically. Pull the middle section of hair back into a low ponytail, and secure the pony with an elastic. 

banana bun tutorial t3

banana bun tutorial t3

Step 3: Twist and Wrap

Take one face-framing section of hair and twist it. Then, wrap the twist around the ponytail two to three times depending on the length of your hair. Pin the twist in place with bobby pins.

Step 4: Twist & Wrap

Repeat the twist and wrap with the third section of hair, wrapping it over the first twist. Secure in place with bobby pins. 

banana bun tutorial t3

banana bun tutorial t3

Step 5: Twist

Twist the entire ponytail to the end of the strand, then pull the twist to the side. 

Step 6: Fold & Pin

Fold the end of the of the twist over towards the base of the ponytail. Tuck the end of the twist underneath the bun and secure with bobby pins. Then, pin the rest of the twist in place with additional bobby pins until it feels secure. 

banana bun tutorial t3

banana bun tutorial t3

Final Look

A unique take on the chignon, the banana bun will take your look to the next level.