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Beach waves tutorial

When you can’t take a casual dip in the ocean, resort to this easy beach waves tutorial. Because who doesn’t want effortless summer hair?

beach waves tutorial t3

Step 1: Brush

Brush out and smooth your hair using a Paddle Brush.  

Step 2: Section

Section your hair horizontally. You will section your hair this way three times – bottom first, then a middle section and finally the top. Styling your hair in sections will help the final look appear more natural. 

Beach waves tutorial t3

beach waves tutorial t3

Step 3: Wave

On each section, wrap 1″ sections of hair around the Whirl Convertible, leaving the ends off the iron. Alternate the direction you wrap the hair around the wand for a more tousled look. For a more relaxed wave, make sure your iron is set on a lower heat setting.

Step 4: Shake & Rake

Lightly rake your fingers through your hair to break up the waves. 

beach waves tutorial t3

beach waves tutorial t3

Final Look

Finish with your favorite texturizing spray for beautiful summer waves without even having to venture to the beach!