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T3 Pros: Beauty tips from mom

Hats off to moms, the original beauty influencers! Some of our T3Pros share beauty tips from mom, the glam woman in their lives.

Hair tips from mom T3

David Lopez, T3Pro

“Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, beauty and grooming routines were a part of the norm. I loved standing in the bathroom watching my mom go through her skincare steps and apply her makeup but my favorite part was watching her do her hair. Her thick, curly hair was easily transformed into silky, bouncy locks with a round brush and a blow dryer. I learned that the concentrator allowed her to manage the airflow but the real trick? She would always blow out her hair while it was super wet, no rough drying here. I now know that the wetter the hair is, the more elastic it is and easier it is to smooth into a sleek shape.”


Chelsea Sule, T3Pro

“My mother is actually the biggest reason I am in the beauty industry! She owned a salon and spa, so while I was growing up, I was always there. My first job was as her receptionist, and I doubled as an assistant as my interest in beauty continued to grow. She taught me so much about hair and makeup that it’s hard to name just one beauty tip. From learning how to master a bombshell blow-out, to creating intricate braids and elaborate updos, my mother has always been a true inspiration. However, I think the one thing she taught me that has been instilled in me and set me apart in the industry as a hair artist, is the role that health and diligent self-care plays in your hair.
1. Vitamins, a healthy diet, and drinking plenty of water are the basic foundation of healthy hair, and a healthy life.
2. Always use a quality shampoo and conditioner, bonus if it’s made with natural, vitamin-rich ingredients!
3. Never over-process your hair! If you must change your color, do it gradually. Don’t double or triple-process your hair, and if you are truly a color chameleon, get some wigs!
4. Use top-notch heat styling tools and heat protection sprays/oils. I cannot stress enough how important this is, and why I love T3 so much. The heating elements produce the most even, yet gentle heat, which creates a lasting style with little to no damage. “


Abraham Sprinkle, T3Pro

“Something I learned from my mom was making rag curls out of old pieces of fabric which has been useful in my session career to think outside the box with different ways to create texture.” 


Diana Shin, T3Pro

“My favorite hair tip I learned from my mom was to comb each section before straightening to ensure the cleanest result. When I was growing up everybody straightened their hair so I just did my hair the way I saw my mom styling her hair.” 


Joe Martino, T3Pro

“My mom set the path for me to become a hairstylist. She cut my hair growing up and when I became a teenager, I started cutting her hair! She recognized my talent and encouraged me to become a stylist, (she actually got me my first job) and the rest is history, so thanks Mom!”


Nicole Leal, T3Pro

“My mom never did anything with her hair, but my grandmother is amazing at it and she taught me to brush and blow dry my fine hair upside down to give it a nice dose of volume. To this day I still flip over to blow my roots out with a paddle brush before I do any other styling and at the end I bend over again to finish it off with hairspray from the underside.”