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The best hair dryers – A luxurious difference

Learn about the best hair dryers from the women who love them.

The best hair dryers

Featherweight Luxe 2i


“I am very pleased with how healthy this dryer made my hair look and feel!” – Jennifer C., Cullman, AL.

In a consumer study 100% of women agree: Their hair feels and looks healthier after using the Luxe 2i.

“I haven’t blown my own hair dry in YEARS because it would take so long. This cut my time in more than half!!!” – Jacque H., Union Grove, AL.

In a consumer study 99% of women agree: The Luxe 2i dries their hair faster than any hair dryer they have ever used at home. 

Featherweight 2


“I couldn’t believe how silky, smooth and shiny my hair felt and looked after drying it with the T3 Featherweight 2.” – Danielle W., Alpharetta, GA.

In a consumer study 97% of women agree: The Featherweight 2 makes their hair look shiny.

“I really loved using this hair dryer. I have only used the cheap dryers in the past and this luxury hair dryer has shown me that there is a difference – great shine and volume.” – Faye W., Queen Creek, AZ.

In a consumer study 93% of women agree: Their hair has more volume after using the Featherweight 2. 

The best hair dryers


the best hair dryers

Featherweight Compact


“I was very surprised at the results of drying my hair with this hair dryer. It was lightweight and my hair looked and felt softer and smoother.” – Ilse A., Alpharetta, GA.

In a consumer study 93% of women agree: Their hair looks smoother after using the Featherweight Compact dryer.

“Love how this dryer folds up so that it can travel with me, yet it is so powerful.” – Katrina C., Mascoutah, IL.

In a consumer study 90% of women agree: The Featherweight Compact dryer has significant drying power.  




“This dryer not only dries thick hair fast, but also smooths it out with impeccable shine! Being a busy professional, any time saved helps me out a lot. I ONLY use the best performing tools on my guests, this dryer is just that… THE BEST.” – Claudio J. 

“I have medium weight wavy hair that loves to frizz up. This dryer not only cuts my drying time down DRAMATICALLY, but it also reduces a ton of the frizz in my hair and leaves it looking super shiny!” – January H., Baton Rouge, LA.

The best hair dryers