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Flat out big curls tutorial

Take a walk on the wild side. This flat out big curls tutorial is strikingly unexpected in all the right ways.

flat top curls hair tutorial

Step 1: Curl

Curl your hair using the 1″ Defined Curls clip barrel. Be sure to curl each strand all the way to the end and don’t brush out the curls after they’ve been released from the barrel. This will give the finished look more bounce and body.

Step 2: Curl

To add additional tighter curls, switch to the Tousled Waves tapered barrel and go over the top section of hair again, curling smaller strands this time around. 

flat top curls hair tutorial

flat top curls hair tutorial

Step 3: Tease

Add a duckbill clips just above your ears on each side of the face. Then, use the Paddle Brush to start backcombing the curls only below the clips. Repeat with each curl, then spritz with hairspray and texturizing spray.

Step 4: Comb

Using the Carbon Comb, slick down the hair above the clips. Spray with hairspray to give the top of the hair a slick appearance.

Flat top curls hair tutorial

Flat top curls hair tutorial

Final Look

Finish with an unique and bold look worthy of a night out on the town.