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How to: Soft Brushed Out Waves

Soft waves are the name of this game, Brand Ambassador Courtnee Rodgers shows us how she smooths things over using her SinglePass Wave.

Soft Brushed Out Waves T3

Step 1: Wave

Start your brushed out waves hairstyle by splitting your hair in two sections, one for each half of your head. Use your SinglePass Wave tapered wand to wave 1” sections away from your face on each side.

Step 2: Cool

Once all of your hair has been waved, let them cool completely. Taking a moment to let your hair cool creates a longer-lasting style. When your hair is hot, it’s easily shaped so brushing them out right away removes some of the wave!

Soft Brushed Out Waves T3

Soft Brushed Out Waves T3

Step 3: Brush

Once you’ve made a cup of coffee and your hair has fully cooled, use the Smooth Paddle Brush to brush out your waves. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top of your hair. You can even spray hairspray directly into the brush bristles before running it through your strands for extra oomph.

Step 4: Touch Up

If you went a little overboard when brushing, re-wave a few strands around the small tip and pull the strand downward after releasing it from the barrel.

Soft Brushed Out Waves T3

Soft Brushed Out Waves T3

Final Look

Show off your smooth brushed out waves, we love this style for work or happy hour, it’ll last through both!