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T3 Pros: Care for Color Treated Hair

Colored hair is an investment – protect it! Our T3 Pros shared their top tips on how to care for color treated hair. Read on to learn how!

Care for color treated hair T3

Gloria Espinoza, T3Pro

“When advising either a natural color or client with chemically treated hair on how to care for color treated hair, I discuss their hair type and how to properly use their hot tools. From fine to thick hair, it’s important to understand that hair is delicate and can’t be rushed. Which is why I love the Cura LUXE, it’s the most heat-adjustable blow dryer so that someone with fine hair, for example, doesn’t have to completely over-heat their locks.”


Jessica Elbaum, Celebrity Stylist

“Keeping color treated hair healthy can be a challenge, especially in winter weather. One of my tips for doing so is not to wash your hair every day, try and wash it every other or every three days if it’s a dry texture. Use a shampoo that is sulphate free and a deep conditioner once a week to keep hair soft but strong. When you are washing and applying heat with a blowdryer, the Cura LUXE is the best way to dry your hair and smooth down the cuticle which helps hair stay healthy and keeps it from breaking. Finish off with the SinglePass Wave iron which offers evenly distributed heat so you only need to curl it once and it’s perfect.”


Abraham Sprinkle, T3Pro

“One of the biggest issues with color fade for fashion colors is a damaged cuticle. Much like shingles on a roof, the more damaged they are, the easier it is for color molecules to rinse out. We often depend on 100% color safe shampoos and styling combat this issue. One of the biggest tips I give clients is the importance of sealing the cuticle with a cool setting switch during the blow-dry. Turning on the cool shot while using the Cura is like manually closing shutters, which will seal and protect the hair from color fading and damage. Bleached hair is like a delicate fabric, and like the expensive clothing we invest in, you need to protect it with specific cleaning. The Source is an insurance to the investment made on pre-lightened hair that helps to eliminate harsh minerals and chemicals from causing damage on the hair.”


Patrick Kyle, T3Pro

“To protect colored, double-processed, or platinum blonde hair, I always recommend using low heat settings when using an iron. I highly recommend using the Twirl Convertible iron, the heat is evenly distributed to make sure there are no hot spots. I also recommend using a high quality blow dryer (especially on signature colored hair like platinum blonde or reds and reddish purples) like the Cura LUXE which uses Digital IonAir to seal the cuticle, keep hair healthy, and prevent dryness. If you have colored hair – especially platinum blonde hair – I highly recommend using silk pillow cases, installing a Source Showerhead (which filters out chlorine and and other color damaging minerals), and using a microfiber hair towel. This regiment will ensure your hair color investment is protected.”


Monaé Everett, T3Pro

“One of the best things you can have for your color-treated hair is the Source! If you invest in hair color at the salon you want to make sure you’re taking the best care of your chemically-treated tresses at home. Removing the minerals found in hard water and chlorine helps to reduce color fade, frizz, and more. Plus it helps your hair look more shiny – all colored hair needs to be shiny to make it look as healthy as possible. When you have color in your hair you have to be careful about applying excess heat to your hair, as colored hair is more fragile and repeatedly adding high heat can strip the color, especially if you have a fantasy color. Thankfully the SinglePass Curl iron heats the hair from the inside out so you don’t have to worry about burning your hair. Plus it adds shine as it curls and you only have to curl the hair once!”