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7 Barrels, 7 Different Types of Curls

The Convertible Collection can create many different types of curls. But how do you know which one to pick? See Brand Ambassador Ari try them all out!

Different Types of Curls Defined Curls T3

Undone Waves

For the gals who want a more natural looking wave, the 1” Undone Waves straight barrel is your go-to. Add mermaid waves, defined waves and natural-looking styles with this barrel. Allow your hair to twist as it wraps around the barrel for beachier texture.

Polished Curls

The 1 ¼ inch Polished Curls barrel is our favorite for creating ultra-glam, runway-worthy curls. Brush them out for softer curls or leave them be for a more relaxed look. Be sure to wait until they have fully cooled before raking your fingers through them though so they last all day and night!

Different Types of Curls Polished Curls T3

Different Types of Curls Voluminous Curls T3

Loose Waves

Our Loose Waves barrel is a 1 ½” straight barrel that creates red carpet glamour waves, full body waves, volume with bend, or flipped ends. Pro tip: wrap the hair flat against the barrel for uniform waves.

Defined Curls

The smallest of our clip barrels is our 1” Defined Curls Barrel. If you’re looking for different types of curls (this barrel creates tight, defined curls or looser, broken curls), this is the one for you! Keep the ends out of the clamp to keep them straight and uncurled for a more effortless style.

Different Types of Curls Undone Waves T3

Different Types of Curls Cascading Waves T3

Cascading Waves

Use a reversed tapered barrel like our ¾” – 1 ¼” Cascading Waves barrel to add lustrous, long-lasting cascading waves to your locks. Make sure to point the wand downwards and start wrapping the hair around the smaller end of the barrel to add volume and lift at the root!

Voluminous Curls

Use the largest clip barrel in the Convertible Collection to add brilliant, bouncy bombshell curls with tons volume in your hair. Curl the ends of your hair in the clamp of the iron for an even more polished, classic style.

Different Types of Curls Loose Waves T3


Different Types of Curls Tousled Waves T3

Tousled Waves

This tapered barrel goes from 1 ¼” – ¾” to give you undone, natural waves and curls. You can concentrate the hair around either end for larger or smaller coils, you can customize your look for your mood. Alternate the direction of your waves for a peicey look.