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T3 Pros: dirty hair tips & tricks

Sometimes dry shampoo alone just doesn’t cut it. Here are a few dirty hair tips from our most trusted T3 Pros that will help you combat grimy tresses.

dirty hair tips t3

David Lopez, T3 Lead Stylist

  • “I like to use hot rollers on dirty hair! After wrapping the crown section of hair around the Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE, spray a volumizing dry shampoo at the roots. Let the rollers cool down, then rake your hands through your hair. It’s like a fresh blowout!”


Patricia Morales, Stylist

  • “I tackle dirty or oily hair by using sea water. Starting at the roots, spray a bit of water then blot it out and massage the scalp with a towel to absorb the dirt and oils and remove any extra moisture. Then, blow dry and style the hair as usual. This is a quick fix!”


Marcos Diaz, Stylist

  • “Spray a little dry shampoo at the roots of your hair. Then, flip your hair upside down and rough dry it using the T3 Featherweight LUXE 2i. Here are three reasons why this works: 1. The heat from the blow dryer evaporates the excess oil in the hair 2. Over directing your hair while blow drying gives you added volume and 3. Dry shampoo mitigates any left over oils.”


Dawn Rivard, Stylist

  • “I will first use oil absorbing makeup sheets or a paper towel to pick up some of the oil at the scalp. Then, I’ll mist the roots of the hair with a bit of water and blow it out. This helps get rid of product build up when you don’t have time to do a full shampoo and dry!”


John Ruggiero, Stylist

  • “If your hair is oily beyond dry shampoo repair, I say just go with it and slick it back into a sleek chignon. Up-do’s are always your friend with super dirty hair, plus the ‘wet look’ is very in.”