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T3Test: DIY static remedies

Drier air means one thing for hair: static! Our Assistant Ecommerce Manager, Bri, tested four popular home remedies to smooth unruly strands.*

Hair Oil (Left)
That’s right, your favorite healing hair oil defeats static too! Bri evenly distributed 1-2 pumps in both of her hands, then gently patted and smoothed her hair, beginning at the ends and working upwards until the oil has been absorbed. This was Bri’s favorite, maintaining a good balance between style and volume but removed the static completely. T3 tip: start with less product than you think, it is always easier to add more than to try and take it away!

Dryer Sheets (Right)
By far the most popular method on Pinterest is to run a dryer sheet through your hair to immediately reduce static. This was the most difficult method, Bri ended up using two dryer sheets for one half of her head. Besides removing the static, this method didn’t provide any other benefits like smoothing the hair our boosting shine. She did notice that her hair was left with a subtle scent throughout the day though, she would recommend using an unscented dryer sheet if you are sensitive to smells.

Hand Lotion (Left)
For a quick afternoon fix at her desk, Bri grabbed her favorite hand lotion and moisturized her hands, then ran the remaining lotion through hair ends. This method worked well to calm static but it weighed the hair down and caused her style to lose a lot of volume and texture. It was smoother than the other methods but a lot of the original style was gone along with the static. Be careful not to overload your strands, a little lotion goes a long way!

Hairspray And A Hairbrush (Right)
To test this technique, Bri sprayed hairspray onto the bristles of her paddle brush and brushed through her style, calming strands instantly. This technique works best on straight or brushed-out styles to make sure all your strands meld together, it keeps most of the original style and volume (without weighing hair down!) and fought off static and kept it frizz-free for the rest of the day.

*Static is hard to come by in Los Angeles, we used a balloon to create Bri’s static strands