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Fast blowout hacks

Mornings are hectic – we get it. We’re sharing our go-to fast blowout hacks (still giving major volume and shine) that get you out the door with enough time to stop for a cold brew.

Fast blowout hacks T3 Micro
    1. Invest in a quality dryer – the most obvious of our fast blowout hacks but often overlooked. A dryer like the Cura LUXE combines a wide airflow with precise heat so it cuts your dry time in half. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?
    2. Don’t try to dry your hair until you’ve had it up in a microfiber towel (the LUXE Turban Towel anyone?). Be patient and let your microfiber towel do some of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to drying. It’ll get a lot of the excess, surface-level moisture out so your dry time is shorter, you can multi-task here by doing your makeup or finishing your coffee while you wait.
    3. Rough dry! Bet you didn’t know there are two kinds of blow drying. Once your hair has been relaxing in your LUXE Turban Towel for a bit, comb your hair, then rough dry your hair with your fingers only until it’s about 80% dry. Blowouts are much better if you master the rough dry – trust us!
    4. Having removed most of the moisture from your hair, you’re ready for the main event. Switch to your narrow styling concentrator and go after that beautiful blowout with your brush of choice. For the ladies who like extra volume (you know who you are) hit that volume booster switch and use a round brush. Or keep it simple with a paddle brush for a sleek blowout look.

So now that you’ve saved time with these fast blowout hacks, you’ve got some time to pause and set your intentions for the day (make it up if nothing comes to mind). Now get going!