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#T3Inspo: Fast Fall Hairstyles

Busier autumn schedules leave us with less and less time. Our Brand Ambassadors show us how they’re saving time with these 5 fast fall hairstyles.

Fast Fall Hairstyles T3 Angelique Cooper

Top it Off

We love a good beach wave, that’s why it’s the base for the first of these fast fall hairstyles. Brush out waves created with the SinglePass Wave, then gather the top section of your hair into a smooth, polished bun. Pull it all back or leave the front pieces out to frame your face.

Pictured: Angelique Cooper

Twists and Turns

Start this style by adding bends to pieces of hair around your head with a flat iron, alternating directions. Create two fishtail braids on each side of your head, then create a basic knot, grabbing more hair. Secure this topsy-turvy style with pins and leave sections out in the front for a lived-in look.

Pictured: Kristin Davis

Fast Fall Hairstyles T3 Kristin Davis

Fast Fall Hairstyles T3 Maryam Ghafarina

Woven & Curled

One of our go-to fast fall hairstyles for second day curls (thanks to the SinglePass Curl 1.25”) is a voluminous French braided faux-hawk. Add texture spray for added grit and hold too. This style can be created in half the time it takes to pick up your mobile coffee order.

Pictured: Maryam Ghafarinia

Waterfall of Waves

Keep shorter bangs and baby hairs under control by waterfall braiding them back, then pinning the section under the top part of your hair to hide the pin. Waterfall braids are easier than you think, plus they put a twist on a normal braid. Tip: gently pull the edges of each side of the braid for a looser look to match your waves created with the Undone Waves Barrel from the Whirl Trio.

Pictured: Pau Dictado

Fast Fall Hairstyles T3 Pau Dictado

Fast Fall Hairstyles T3 Alexandrea Garza

Bubble Waves

This is one of our favorite fast fall hairstyles and it’s perfect for shorter-locked ladies. Use the 1” Defined Curls Barrel from the Twirl Trio to create horizontal waves with the iron, alternating which direction the clamp faces. It takes a bit of practice but you’ll be bubble-waving in no time!

Pictured: Alexandrea Garza