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Faux bob hair tutorial

Hold the scissors. This faux bob hair tutorial lets you change up your look without making the big cut.

faux bob hair tutorial

Step 1: Blow Dry

Divide your hair into four sections. Blow dry your hair section-by-section using a Paddle Brush and the Featherweight Luxe 2i.

Step 2: Flat Iron

Straighten 1-2″ sections of hair from roots to ends with the SinglePass LUXE straightening and styling iron. 

Faux bob hair tutorial

faux bob hair tutorial

Step 3: Create Ponytail

Secure your hair in a super low pontyail with a small elastic band. Leave out small pieces of hair that frame the face. 

Step 4: Roll & Pin

Roll the ponytail up and under towards the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins.  

Faux bob hair tutorial

Step 5: Adorn

Add a touch of luxe to a glamorous faux bob by adorning the final look with a rose gold Patricia Morales cable chain pin.