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Finger wave tutorial

We are all about bringing back hairstyles from the past. This finger wave tutorial is one we’ll have on repeat all season long.

Finger wave hair tutorial

Step 1: Divide

To start the finger wave tutorial, divide your hair in vertically into two sections using the All Purpose Comb. Then, divide each section in half again. 

Step 2: Wave

Take a 1-2″ section of hair and pull it taught. Start by pressing the Twirl Convertible down on the strand, near the root.

Finger wave hair tutorial

finger wave hair tutorial

Step 3: Wave

Moving down the strand, pull the hair over the Twirl Convertible. Simultaneously, pull the strand of hair down and press the iron up to create the next part of the wave.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat this technique all throughout the hair. 

Finger wave hair tutorial

Finger wave hair tutorial

Step 5: Comb

Lightly comb through your hair with your fingers to break up the waves.

Final Look

A simple and modern technique to achieve a stunning, retro hairstyle is at your fingertips. 

finger wave hair tutorial