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T3 Pros: Food that is good for your hair

Nourish your locks too! Our T3 Pros weighed in on food that is good for your hair – read on to see their advice on how to fuel your best hair ever.

Food that's good for your hair T3

Kristin Shaw, T3Pro

“Ingesting food that is good for your hair like healthy fats are a way to get your hair shiny, and stronger. For those who each meat: organic, grass-fed butter and ghee are amazing options to cook with. For those who do and don’t eat meat, olive oil, coconut oils and avocados are great too! Make sure everything is organic, and if from an animal – grass-fed. It’s key to make sure that the fats are good for you – shop smart! You can also put herb oils in a hair mask – find a carrier oil or creamy base that works for you: avocado, pumpkin, or jojoba oil and add in drops of rosemary oil for hair growth!”


Dimitris Giannetos, T3Pro

“I’ve tried many recipes through the years to achieve the best formula for a hair mask treatment and I came up with this recipe!! I’m Greek so of course I couldn’t start this recipe without using 2 oz of Kalamata olive oil, 1 oz of honey, 2 egg yolks and 1 oz of castor oil. If your hair is bleach blonde, instead of using olive oil I recommend using coconut oil because the olive oil might turn your hair green! Leave the mask for half an hour and then rinse with warm water. I suggest that you only do the mask on your ponytail and not your roots.”


Amy Komorowski, T3Pro

“I love using coconut oil in the hair, it’s kind of a miracle oil. It’s great to use as a hair mask, for deep conditioning or even to protect your hair from the sun.” 


Casey Gouveia, T3Pro

“Seaweed is excellent for your hair! I found out when my husband was traveling back and forth to Japan for business. He was eating tons of sushi and seaweed and his hair was growing like a shiny healthy weed! Since seaweed is a marine algae, like other marine extracts, it helps your hair grow stronger! Just think of its gelatinous texture. It builds hair up the same way! It adds hydration to the hair and scalp. Seaweed has fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that help improve hair as well as skin.”


Maureen Burke, T3Pro

“While working with various models in the fashion industry from many different countries, a beauty secret that keeps coming up is powdered collagen. The benefits are healthier skin, hair, bones, joints and nails. Recently I have been adding a scoop of collagen to my tea in the morning and noticed favorable results. I recommend the unflavored powder so as not to alter the taste of your beverage of choice – enjoy!”


Andre Gunn, T3Pro

“My favorite food for hair is sweet Honey! Not only is it delicious to ingest but it is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial. To have healthy hair the “soil” should be healthy and rich as well. Also a purifying shower head is a key for healthy skin and hair, I love mine from T3! For a honey hair treatment you can add it to your existing conditioner in 50/50 portions and let sit for ten minutes. Be sure to work into scalp and comb through hair for maximum benefits.”