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Gift Ideas for Mom

What do we get the women who gave us everything? Fabulous Hair! Read on to see our gift ideas for mom and other inspirational women in our lives.

Gift Ideas for Mom T3

Antonia, Ecommerce Director

“My mom has very short hair, perfect for T3 compact tools! I am gifting my mom the Mini Miracles set in rose and rose gold with compact dryer and iron. These tools are pretty, portable AND powerful. And perfect for a weekend road trip. Pack your bags, Mom! Time for another adventure!”

Alaina, Planning and Procurement Manager

“I’ve always admired my aunt’s thick curly hair. This year, I plan on gifting her the Cura LUXE dryer and SoftCurl diffuser attachment. This killer combo will speed up her drying time and ensure her curls stay volumized, defined, and frizz-free. I’m definitely the favorite niece this Mother’s Day.”

Gift Ideas for Mom T3

Gift Ideas for Mom T3

Danielle, Project Manager

“My cute mom is getting older, which means it’s harder for her to do her hair. I’d get her the Cura because it dries hair quickly and is lightweight – both super beneficial for a more fragile mom. I’d also get her the SinglePass Curl 1 ¼. It does all the work for her by creating perfect, long lasting curls. She’ll be able to keep the same hairstyle for several days! That’s the power of T3!”

Brianna, Ecommerce Assistant Manager

“I’m excited to gift my mom the Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE this year! She can easily throw these into her hair when she gets ready in the morning, and leave the house with shiny, voluminous hair with a hint of a curl. PLUS, these rollers will leave her hands free to finish her morning coffee, do her makeup, and pet her dog Roxie!”

Gift Ideas for Mom T3

Gift Ideas for Mom T3

Samantha, Social Media Coordinator

“My mom has always had short hair and wanted beachy waves so what better gift to give her other than the 1” Defined Curls barrel from the Convertible Collection? It’ll give her shorter locks the perfect wave she wants quickly – perfect for my busy, rockstar mom.”