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Why our compact tools are the ultimate gym motivation

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Learn how our powerful and portable tools serve as the ultimate gym motivation & keep you looking polished after even the most high-intensity sessions.After gym hair tools

Portable & Practical


Tress Tamers

  • Face it: an endorphin rush, no matter how uplifting, can leave hair looking unkempt. Our tools ensure you never have to show up to work with wet, frizzy or chaotic tresses. 


Quality Time

  • Our compact tools work briskly and efficiently, so much so that you can factor in an extra ten minutes of ab work, or swing by a juice bar before you clock in at work. 


Complimentary Chatter

  • With such sleek and sophisticated tools in your possession, you can expect compliments in the locker room and inquiries on their origin. This, of course, is in addition to remarks of admiration for your post-workout hair.


Healthy Habits

  • The Featherweight Compact and SinglePass Compact are ideal counterparts to a healthy lifestyle. T3 SoftAire technology is gentle on hair and deliver glossy results. That’s worth a celebratory squat jump.