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T3 Pros: hair extension tips and tricks

Can we get an extension? Our T3 Pros have 5 hair extension tips and tricks to help you style and care for your locks, both real and not so real.

how to care for and style hair extensions


Edward St. George, Celebrity/Session Stylist

  • “I like to start by washing the extensions in a basin with shampoo, then rinsing them with clean water. I then dry them using the T3 Featherweight LUXE 2i dryer. For wavy hairstyles, I trust the Whirl Trio and for straight hairstyles, the SinglePass Compact. They really ensure the styles last, and it’s great that you can adjust the heat settings. I recommend using real hair extensions as synthetic hair can be more difficult to style and more susceptible to heat.”


Christin Cook Zito, Celebrity/Session Stylist

  • “When picking out your extensions, I tend to recommend clip-ins for my clients because they are the easiest to work with. Pick out human hair that matches the texture and color of your own as closely as possible. Be sure to part your hair into sections and tease the roots before clipping in your new locks. A pro tip – add some thickening product to both your clip-ins and natural hair for extra seamless blending!” 


Flavio Angel Alvarado, Celebrity/Session Stylist

  • Most synthetic hair extensions harshly reflect light, especially on camera! To make them look more realistic, spray them with dry shampoo. Once your extensions are in, achieve my signature tousled bed head hair with the T3 Whirl Trio‘s Loose Waves barrel. Alternate the direction of the waves, but curl face-framing strands away from the face. Then, flip your hair over and spritz with a medium hold hair spray. Use a molding wax or pomade on the ends to complete this beachy look.”


Eloise Cheung, Editorial Stylist

  • “I like to pre-set extensions with the T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE. This can be done hours or even days before you need them. Wrap the extensions around the rollers, then leave them in until they’ve completely cooled. When you’re ready to put the extensions in, set your own hair with the rollers then attach the pre-set clip-ins. You can even use the Twirl Convertible to add a few extra curls around the face. 


Dion Moore, Celebrity Stylist

  • “When styling extensions, I always recommend brushing them first with a Vent Brush. This brush works especially well on wet hair because it won’t pull or snag the extensions. After you’ve applied the extensions, separate the hair into four sections. Blow out the hair with the Featherweight LUXE 2i and AntiGravity barrel brush. This will reduce frizz, add shine and prevent damage to the extensions and your real hair. For a glam night out look, I always finish with the Twirl 360. This iron works perfectly for beautiful waves or bouncy curls and most importantly, does not damage the extensions in the process.”