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Healthy Hair Tips for Fall

Fall is the time to repair damage from salt, sand, and summer fun. See how to revive  your locks with our T3 Pro’s healthy hair tips for fall.

Healthy Hair Tips for Fall T3

Marcel Dagenais, T3 Pro

“One of the best healthy hair tips for fall: do treatments at home to help recover from the damage of sun exposure and saltwater. It’s all about getting moisture back into the hair. Spray some Thirsty Girl Leave-in Conditioner from IGK into the hair until it feels distributed evenly, focusing on the ends to the mid-shaft , and then put a shower cap over it to retain the moisture while you apply a high heat with a low air-flow from the T3 Cura LUXE for 15 minutes. You can either leave in the product in and sleep with this treatment for added moisture or rinse it out and style as usual.”


Kayla MiChele, Celebrity Stylist

“Get the luxe look when you transition to fall hair by using the T3 Cura LUXE blow dryer paired with your favorite round brush. It is the perfect tool to smooth out frizzy texture! To help beat the frizz this fall, I recommend changing your pillowcases to silk so your tresses have a less abrasive night’s rest (one of my favorite healthy hair tips for fall). Be kind & gentle when styling your hair by massaging a few drops of cold pressed grape seed oil onto the hair strands, especially on the ends.”


Lauren Crowl, T3 Pro

“Indulge in a nutritive hair mask for fall/winter months, it’s like moisturizer for your hair so make it a weekly ritual. Use the T3 Source Showerhead when you wash your hair, it filters the water, especially helpful if you are blonde as it keeps your blonde bright. It will also help your hair will maintain its softness while also protecting your color.”

Karima Sumar, Editorial Hairstylist

“During the summer months we are constantly washing our hair because of sweat, swimming, workout. Once it starts to cool down its good to give your hair a bit of rest from all the washing. Going back to using dry shampoo between washing and using the T3 Cura dryer to help restyle hair, tame frizz and work the product into the root will give you an extra day before rewashing. For the girls with the curls I love using the Polished Curls barrel from the Twirl Trio to redefine waves/curls and refresh styles. The key is the give your hair some time to readjust to the less frequent washing, saving you time and keeping your hair healthy!”