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T3 Pros: Healthy Winter Hair Tips

Keep your hair looking hot when the air is cold.

Healthy Winter Hair Tips

Chilly weather is harsh on everything, including our locks. Thanks to our T3 Pros, we have some healthy winter hair tips to keep your strands feeling fresh.


Marcel Dagenais – Editorial/Sessions Stylist

  • “First thing I always suggest is investing in a home humidifier. Between the dry heat in your home to the cold, dry air outside, your hair needs all the extra moisture it can get. Placing the humidifier in the room where you sleep is always best.”


Darbie Wieczorek – Celebrity Stylist

  • “Since winter is a very dry season, limiting the amount of shampoos will allow your hair to soak up some of its natural oils. You can prolong your hairstyle by using a dry shampoo to soak up shine and leave the hair with a nice, clean appearance. Finish off by applying a texture spray at the root to give the hair life and much needed volume.”


Jennifer Hanching – Celebrity Stylist

  • “A leave-in conditioner is all you need to keep your hair healthy during the winter. They can soften your locks and trap in moisture, protecting your hair from the drying effects.
  • Natural curly hair? Embrace your curls! Touch them up with the Whirl Trio.”


Ab McDonald – Session/Salon Stylist

  • “When prepping hair for winter, it’s important to use extra moisture. Cream based moisture products are the best. Oils can build up on the hair and block out moisture. 
  • At night, braid your hair and sleep on a silky pillowcase. Cotton tends to act as rug burn for hair.”


Dan Sharp – Celebrity Stylist and Salon Owner

  • “When Mother Nature is already wreaking havoc on our hair and skin, why dry them out even more every time you take a shower? The T3 Source Showerhead has proprietary technology that removes chlorine and other impurities that cause dryness, fade your color and make for a ‘rougher’ winter for you and your hair.”