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History of hot rollers

There’s a different curl for every girl! Here is a short history of hot rollers and the different curls they create.

History or hot rollers - rag rollers

Rag Rollers

Curl Era: Began in the late 1800’s 

Type Of Curl: Defined, ringlet curls

How To Use: Twist damp hair around the rag, either starting from the base of the hair or only midway up the strand, then tie the ends of the rag together. Sleep with the rags in your hair, then remove the rags in the morning to reveal beautiful curls.

Source: Pinterest

Foam Rollers

Curl Era: Began in the 1930’s

Type Of Curl: Soft, small curls or s-waves

How To Use: Starting with slightly damp hair, roll the foam curler up horizontally starting at the ends of each strand. Clip the roller in place, then sleep with them in or wait for the hair to dry.

Source: Idda Van Munster

History of hot rollers - foam rollers

History of hot rollers - velcro rollers

Velcro Rollers

Curl Era: Began in the 1950’s

Type Of Curl: Medium-sized, vintage curls

How To Use: For full curls, start with damp, brushed-out hair. Roll 2-3″ sections of hair up into each roller, then run a hair dryer over the hair. Once hair is completely dry, remove the rollers and brush out the curls. To add volume to dry hair, spray 2-3″ strands with hairspray, before rolling them up into the rollers. Let the rollers sit for 15-20 minutes, then remove the rollers and smooth out the hair with hands or a brush. 

Source: Stefan Imielski

Can Rollers

Curl Era: Began in the 1960’s

Type Of Curl: Big, voluminous curls and waves

How To Use: Start with dry hair. Using a hair dryer and a round brush, heat a 2-3″ section of hair. While the strand of hair is still hot, wrap it around the can and pin in place with bobby pins. Leave the cans in the hair until it has cooled, then remove. Smooth the hair with a comb and add hairspray to maintain the volume.

Source: Marie Claire

History of hot rollers - can rollers

History of Hot Rollers - Bendy Rollers

Bendy Rollers

Curl Era: Began in the 1980’s

Type Of Curl: Tight, spirally curls

How To Use: Start with dry hair, then distribute a styling cream or mousse all throughout the hair. Taking 1″ sections, roll the hair from tip to root tightly around the tube, then fasten the ends of the tube together. Apply heat to the hair with a blowdryer to set the curl, then remove the rollers and shake through the curls with your fingers. 

Source: Unknown

Electric Hot Rollers

Curl Era: Present

Type Of Curl: Ranging from smaller curls to big, bouncy waves

How To Use: Heat the roller base to the desired setting. Once hot, take 1-2″ sections of hair and begin wrap the hair around the roller starting at the ends and roll back up to the base. Clip in place, let the rollers cool completely, then release the hair from the rollers. 

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History of hot rollers - Electric Rollers