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#T3Inspo: holiday curls

Ornament your hair this season with holiday curls.  All you need is the Convertible Collection and a little inspiration!

big volume curls for the holiday season

Loose & Full

Voluminous, bombshell curls pair nicely with any season, but feel especially appropriate with the glitz and glam of the winter months. Let your hair do the talking at your holiday party and opt for neutral makeup and cozy knits as you dance and prance through December. Get the look with our Loose Waves straight barrel and a touch of hairspray. 

Source: YouQueen

Hollywood Glamour

We all desire a hairstyle that makes us feel deserving of a red carpet entrance, especially during the holidays. Easily achieved with the Polished Waves clip barrel, these enchanting curls will have you dazzling your way through every jovial party and get-together. For this look, be sure to curl your hair towards the face, and add a deep side part for an alluring flair.

Source: Missy Sue Blog

Hollywood red carpet glam curls for the holiday season

tight spiraled curls for the holiday season

Tight & Spiraled

Guaranteed to last through even the most bitter of winter weather, smaller ringlet curls are a favorite for the holidays. Get the look with our Undone Waves straight barrel and be sure to curl each strand from root to the tip. Brush the hair out for more volume or leave it uncombed to maintain a tighter spiral. 

 Source: Southern Curls and Pearls

Modern & Dramatic

Outshine even the brightest of holiday lights with these flat top teased curls. Compliment with a bold red lip and an LBD, and you’ll be ready to mingle and jingle at any festive function. To get the look, curl your hair with the Defined Waves clip barrel, refer to the full tutorial here

dramatic curls for the holiday season

tousled beach waves for the holiday season

Tousled & Undone

Perfect for every and any holiday outing, tousled curls add a playful touch to any ensemble. It’s our go-to for decorating, cookie baking and peppermint cocktail making, and is easy to achieve using the Tousled Waves tapered barrel. In our opinion, this look works best when you alternate the direction and size of each curl.

Source: Pink Peonies