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DIY Style: How to cut your own bangs

Our daring Marketing Manager, Rachel, made the cut. Literally. Read on to see how to cut your own bangs.

Cut your own bangs 7

Rachel dared to go where many women have gone before… she cut her own bangs. However, unlike those who came before her (and failed miserably), Rachel had expert advice from trusted T3 stylist Tanya Deemer on how to cut your own bangs. Ready for a fringetastic change-up? Follow our easy guide:

Step 1:

Part your hair in an upside down “U” with the tips lining up with the ends of your eyebrows. The “U” will stretch back further in your part depending on how thick you want your bangs.

Cut your own bangs 1

Step 2:

Make sure this section of your hair is 100% wet! Spritz your locks thoroughly with a spray water bottle and then comb them out straight.

Cut your own bangs 2

Step 3:

Next, pull that section of hair taut and twist it a complete 180 degrees. This is to ensure your future bangs blend well with your existing hair and that they don’t come out too blunt.

Cut your own bangs 3

Step 4:

Make the cut!

Cut your own bangs 4

Step 5:

Your new bangs won’t be perfect just yet, but we’ll get there! First it’s important to get your fringe completely dry. As you blow dry, brush your bangs from one side over to the next. This will give them plenty of natural volume.

Cut your own bangs 5

Step 6:

Once the bangs are completely dry, clean up the edges by angling your scissors upward and making small snips towards the ends. Snip away until they are even, perfect and adorable.

Cut your own bangs 6

Step 7:

Quickly style and run out to show off your new ‘do. Don’t forget to brag about the professional-level DIY job you did.

Cut your own bangs 7