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How To: Dress Up Your Ponytail

Drab styles no more – our Brand Ambassadors are showing us how to dress up your ponytail with a few tweaks and accessories.

Dress Up Your Ponytail T3 Jamie Kidd

Once (or Twice)

Jamie knows how to dress up your ponytail, this style is as simple as adding another ponytail holder about a third of the way down. To complete the style, pull and tease the “bubble” section and the rest of the ponytail to emphasize the look. Plus, it’s perfect for yesterday’s Undone Waves.

Photo via Jamie Kidd

Pinned Down

To master this sky-high ponytail, flip your head upside down, then finger comb all your strands into a ponytail at the top of your head. Once you’ve secured your head, divide the ponytail in half and curl each side with the SinglePass Curl 1.25”. To finish it off, add fun barrettes to pin the pony to your head.

Photo via Marie

Dress Up Your Ponytail T3 4mariemarie

Dress Up Your Ponytail T3 Maddie Perry

Va-Va Volume

Tap into vintage glamour with this dressed up ponytail slash bouffant. It’s not your mother’s beehive though, a deep side part and wrapped ponytail push it into the 21st century. Maddie added texture with the Voluminous Curls Barrel and a leather jacket for extra edge.

Photo via Maddie Perry

Girl with the Pearl Barrettes

We love a good pearl barrette for loose waves but we especially love using them to dress up your ponytail too. Go with a high pony or a low rider like Morgan and add your clips to the front section of your hair. Leave a few strands out and curl your hair with the 1” Defined Curls Barrel from the Twirl Trio for a casual look, excellent for the office or happy hour.

Photo via Morgan Bethel-Sosinski

Dress Up Your Ponytail T3 hangitupla