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How to prep hair for summer

Sand, sun, and vacations – temperatures are here! Our T3 Pros gave their favorite tips on how to prep hair for summer.

How to prep hair for summer T3

Eloise Cheung, T3Pro

“Start your summer off right with the T3 Source.  It reduces the chlorine and impurities in your shower water, leaving your hair in the best shape for the sun, surf and sand”.


Chelsea Sule, T3Pro

“I love ocean hair so much! A bit of saltwater is one of the best styling products out there, and it’s only available in one place. To keep your beachy texture but kick things up as you transition from day to night, I wrap a few pieces of hair around the 1” Undone Waves Barrel from the Whirl Trio to create a bit more of a finished look.”


Marissa Machado, Celebrity Stylist

“Summer hair is my kind of hair. Messy undone texture is one of the most desired hair styles, especially in Southern California. Though this look seems effortless, it actually takes a bit of planning and prep, but with the right tools this style will last through a day at the beach and a dinner under the stars. For lasting style, it’s best to start by washing your hair using a T3 Source Handheld Sowerhead. The shower filter removes minerals and odors as well as reducing chlorine from your shower water giving your hair the freshest start. After prepping your hair with a texture spray, dry with a tousled undone finish. Then using SinglePass Curl 1”, take 1-inch sections wrapping the hair around alternating directions around the head. Set with a finishing spray and use hands to break up sections – your summer hair is ready!”


Leah London, T3Pro

“My best advice to you, from working in the industry for 15 years and in many countries with many different weather conditions (hot, humid, rain and shine) — work with what you have, and if all else fails… carry a hair tie just in case! I am a big fan of the beachy, textured, lived in look, I love a sea salt spray to compliment this look. Spray it into towel dried hair focusing mainly on the mid lengths and ends,  then use the T3 Cura LUXE hair dryer to gently dry your hair with the SoftCurl diffuser, it’ll leave your hair looking and feeling its best. Once hair is dry, use the SinglePass LUXE straighter to curl random pieces of the hair for extra love, volume, and dimension. Own it and work it with confidence because that will always be a timeless look.”


Stacey Tan, T3Pro

“The scorching days of Summer are finally upon us and everyone wants to hit the beach or the pool – but if you’re a water lover and pool addict like I am – you have to know how harsh sea salts and chlorine can be on your hair. You can lessen the blow and keep your hair hydrated and healthy by rinsing your hair with clean, purified water using the T3  Source Showerhead which removes impurities. Doing this before and after a swim can immensely reduce dryness and breakage! Pro tip: apply some coconut oil to your scalp and ends before jumping in to add an extra barrier of protection!”