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How to Section Hair

Celebrity Stylist David Lopez let us in on his go-to method for how to section hair. Speed up styling and keep your look polished!

How to section hair step 1 David Lopez T3

Step 1: Part

When learning how to section hair, the first step is to separate your hair into two sections, directly down the center of your head.

Step 2: Section

Next, clip away a new section with the T3 alligator clips from the Clip Kit. This section should be a line from the top of your head to the top of your ear. Do this step on both sides of your head.

How to section hair step 2 David Lopez T3

How to section hair step 3 David Lopez T3

Step 3: Clip

Starting in the back of your head, use the bottom part of the clip to create two-inch-wide sections on a diagonal. You should have three sections total on each side of your head.

Step 4: Style

Starting with the section of hair at the back of your head, start styling. Once you’re finished with this section, move to the one right above it, ending with the section at the front, closest to your face. 

How to section hair step 4 David Lopez T3

How to section hair David Lopez T3

Final Look

David used the SinglePass X flat iron to create S Waves, then brushed them out with the Smooth Paddle Brush after the hair has cooled. Now you’re a sectioning pro with beautiful hair styled quickly and neatly.