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T3 Pros: How to wash your hair

You’ve been washing your hair for years, but you might be doing it wrong. We asked our T3 Pros for tips on how to wash your hair – the correct way.

How to Wash Your Hair T3

Jessica Elbaum, T3Pro

“Correctly washing and conditioning your hair is very important. I usually tell my clients to wash & condition every other day unless they have dry texture. In that case one a week is fine. You should always start with a shampoo that’s right for your hair texture. Lather up and rinse, add conditioner to smooth the cuticle and detangle. I highly recommend the T3 Source Shower Head, it gives you the cleanest water possible which makes a big difference in your hair and skin’s texture and shine.”


Marissa Machado, T3Pro

“Washing our hair is something we do on autopilot, the truth is most of us are doing it incorrectly. Rather than aggressively scrubbing your head it is best to lay your head back and let the water rinse through thoroughly.”


Amy Komorowski, T3Pro

“Great hairstyling begins with a proper wash. I’m a big proponent of washing and conditioning hair everyday especially if you are active, work out and in the summer months. If your hair is especially coarse, curly or thick a good rinse and conditioner is all you might need to tame your hair. Get hair wet and use a small amount of shampoo focusing mostly at the roots. Add water to emulsify, make sure to rinse very well. Add conditioner to the ends of the hair and let sit for 1-2 minutes. When I style hair on set I’ve always tried to use filtered water or spray water like Evian to prep. This is why I’m excited about the T3 Source Shower Head because it filters out harmful chemicals and chlorine, making your hair shinier and the end result – more beautiful hair.” 


Michelangelo Arevalo, T3Pro

“Your hair should be rinsed in lukewarm water before it is washed in order to loosen the oil and dirt on your scalp. Depending on how much hair you have, you should be shampooing twice a week. The key is to alternate between two different types of shampoo to clarify and cleanse the hair shaft. It’s important to invest in a good shampoo. Instead of conditioning, I think it’s better to use a masque, comb it through the hair with the wet brush, letting it absorb for a few minutes, then wash it out completely. Additionally, the minerals in our shower water can be so intense on our hair. ”